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The Daily Diatribe: Oh, did we play today?

* Well, it's the first match I've missed since Maccaba Haifa (the first one, I think), and thank the big man upstairs that I did. When I saw the score, the first thing that came to my mind was: 'What? Did Rafa start Momo and Mascherano in the middle?" Sure enough, he did. If that's not going for a draw, I don't know better. So, if you don't know by now, get out from under that rock, it was 0-0. Conservative, boring, totally unRafa-esque, but watch it work. Oh wait, it did, Andy Johnson is me boy (f**k Everton and Arsenal for that matter, even though I love watching you guys play).

* We got another Spanish ace comin' our way. Rafa's really stocking the stalls these days, but I definitely don't want to wait another 3-4 years before we win the Premiership and I doubt Stevie-G does either.

* For those of you who follow Liverpool as religiously as I do (yes, I missed mass today), then you know about a site called Koptalk. And you also know about a site dedicated to defrauding them. I think it's safe to say only with Liverpool could such an awesomely sad soap opera occur. I love the drama.

* According to this useless site, Liverpool is the third most abused password. Wow, I would never use that as a password, I mean, come on, I always use the greatest player in the world and his number... shit, better go change my Paypal account (f**k Paypal, by the way).

* Freddie Flintoff is a wanker. We're kicking some maple leaf ass though, 279/6 to 34/2 (6.6 overs). Lose this match you bastards and I'm going back to baseball. And since we're talking non-American sports, Congrats to France, I thought surely Ireland's 27 point dismantling of Italy would be enough for the Six Nations Trophy. I hope Johnny Wilkinson and Jason Robinson will be in good shape for the World Cup.

* Finally, I just wasted a few minutes of my life with this superhero quiz. Total bullshit, it said I was either the Flash (which I don't mind) or Spiderman (bullocks, I hate 'em). I'm more in the Etrigan/John Constantine/Swamp Thing mold, if I should say so myself. Cheers.

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