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The Daily Diatribe: Contemplating Berbatov, Idiot bloggers, David Moyes lives in Fantasyland, & more player loans

* Shhhhh! Liverpool (along with every other club) MIGHT make an offer for Tottenham's Berbatov that MAY involve Peter Crouch. The chances of the Spurs getting rid of their superstar forward is like the chance of them winning the Champions League in the next fifty years, i.e. slim to none.

* That doesn't stop idiot bloggers from spinning the Crouch for Berbatov deal. These morons are trying to make it sound like we want a straight up swap. Yeah, we know Berbatov is (much) better than Crouch, TRUST ME, but once you lose Dimitar, who do you have left? Robbie Keane? Good luck. Jermaine Defoe? Yeah, he LOVES playing for you guys. Mido? No comment. What you guys really need is a defensive midfielder, I know, I know, you have Huddlestone, who has potential, but he's only 20 and it shows. Unfortunately, there's no chance in hell we'd give you Sissoko, Mascherano, or Xabi.

* Maybe Moyes doesn't live in Fantasyland, after all, he does say 'try and compete'. You can always try. You know, I think Everton would be a whole lot better if they stop thinking about us all the time and put that time and energy into themselves.

* Lee Peltier was sent out on Loan to Hull City until the end of the season. He's played in four games with the first squad including the full match at Galatasaray. Our reserves squad is starting to look a lot like our youth squad these days. Oh wait, we still have Zenden.

* Damn, speaking of which, Besian Idrizaj has been loaned to Luton Town. Seems like we've turned into a player bank lately.

* Finally, we've signed another youngster, a Ross County lad by the name of Gary Mackay Steven. We apparently paid a six-figure sum for the Scottish boy, which could be anything from £100,000 to £999,999 (I'm really good with numbers). Subsequently, he'll be loaned out by the end of the week. I'm betting to Crewe Alexandra.

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