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The Daily Diatribe: Thank you Everton, Happy Birthday David Moores, & other strokes lacking genius

* No, this isn't a testimonial on how much I love the boys in blue, especially Timmy Cahill. Nor is it an ironic show of appreciation for the 'other team' that only 'true Liverpudlians' love. This is straight from the heart, because on this the day way back in 1892, Everton decided to leave Anfield due to a rent increase by then owner John Houlding. Everton complaining? Get out of here! With no club to play on his field, Houlding decided to form his own. Thus Liverpool Football Club was born. God bless you, Toffees.

* The former Chairman turned Honorary Life President, Moores, turns 61 today. I hope the worse he'll be remembered for is not winning the Premiership during his reign instead of selling to American investors who look as if they are worried more about covering their asse(t)s than winning cups.

* Note to all murderers: Stay clear of Anfield. Hey, at least it's not Giuliani's Broken Windows campaign.

* Steve Finnan is the highest rated defender in the Premiership according to Actim Stats. Finney is the epitome of the silent assassin.

* LFC forms partnership with the LIJSL. Not a bad idea, get the kids hooked on the Reds early. Maybe they'll produce an American who'll end up playing for Liverpool, who knows? Of course he'll have a better chance if his last name is Hispanic or Latino.

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