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Crap... more or less: Crouchy, Besian Idrizaj, & financial concerns regarding takeover

* Anyone ever notice how the longer mayonnaise sits out, the better it tastes? Of course, there's a fine line between aged and salmonella.

* Crouch is worried about his spot for next year.
It's kind of a double-edge sword getting rid of Crouchy. He's perfect for European play (when the ref isn't height challenged), but not tough enough for the Premiership. I won't shed a tear. Well, I say that now, but when someone else come's in and doesn't get the job done, I'll be like "Ah, man, Crouch woulda made that!"

* Besian Idrizaj scored a second-half brace to lead our reserve squad over Wigan's, 2-0.
The 19-year-old is a former Austrian Young Player of the Year.

* There seems to be some worries over financial issues concerning the takeover.
I guess there hoping "Six hundred million screaming Chinamen" will be on our side soon. (Bonus points if you name the movie where that quote's from.)

* By the way, I watched the Man U vs. Euro XI 'Charity' Tribute match. How do you get two yellow cards in a charity tribute friendly? My only other observation is that Zenden either needs to start taking ADD medication or his career at Anfield is done.