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PSV's Alex out six weeks, to miss both CL ties

Has there ever been a guy who's gotten so much hype for almost costing his team a spot in the Champion's League quarterfinals? I watched the match and honestly, other than his header-goal, I don't really see what all the buzz is about. I tend to worry less about other team's defenses and more on our lack of finishing anyhow. I can't think of one match this year where an opposing team's defense 'beat us' nor a game in which a single player from the opposition was outstanding enough to be deemed the reason for our loss. Plus I don't see any point in getting happy over an opponent's misfortune and I definitely don't hope our players do, there's never a reason to take any team lightly.

Arouna Koné has injury issues as well. The Ivory Coast striker injured knee ligaments in the Arsenal match and is expected to at least miss the first leg of the quarterfinals. I think the absence of Koné will probably hurt PSV more than missing Alex. We don't exactly have the quickest defense, which was quite apparent against Barça, so any chance to slow down PSV is fine with me. They still have the always dangerous Farfan though.

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