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Takeover Tomfoolery

While perusing through the news today I came across some entertaining speculative pieces about the recent American takeover and the future of everything Anfield. The most humorous one was about the selling of the naming rights of the new stadium. According to two betting 'news' sites, which I won't link to because, well, they're betting sites, Budweiser is the front runner, followed by McDonald's. Gillett has already mentioned that if selling the naming rights means more money for transfers, then so be it. Um, no, I don't know whether I'll just cringe or go ahead and vomit if I ever hear 'Anfield at Budweiser Stadium' or 'McDonald's Playland at Anfield Road.'

If imagining watching Ronald McDonald prance around the new Anfield or the Budweiser Clydesdales hanging out in the corner doesn't amuse you, wait until you hear about the newest transfer speculation due to the incoming funds. It wasn't bad enough that the DIC promised us Beckham and Ronaldo (ha, ha), Gillett and Hicks want to celebrate their arrival with the purchase of Fernando Torres. Yeah, like that'll happen. Who's next? Ronaldinho?

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