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More on Fowler to MLS & Eto'o coming to Liverpool

According to Fowler's agent via the BBC, Fowler desires a contract renewal and that the New England Revolution, specifically Steve Nicol, has not spoken with his client, nor if they did, he doubts they would be able to afford him. Hmmm, not be able to afford him? How much does a 31-year-old rarely used striker cost these days? I don't see very many other teams lining up to sign him. I guess he could go to Dubai or Qatar, like the article mentions, but what good will that do him? Might as well sign with Macclesfield Town and play for Ince.

We really, really, really, really, really want Eto'o. All those links are to articles that basically reiterate that. It would be a dream move for us and a nightmare for every other team in Europe. Will it happen though?

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