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Liverpool 4, Sheffield United 0 (with highlights)

Sorry about the tardiness of this review, but I have a severre case of the stomach flu. Stomach flu so bad that if I described it to you, you'd probably get sick yourself. First things first, I said I hated how physical Sheffield United likes to play and everyone knows why they do. It's not necessarily their fault that they don't have the funds needed to acquire or maintain the talent to keep up with the likes of a Liverpool, but that gives them no excuse to batter and bruise their opponents at sheer will. Someone should have told them that this was an English Football match and not an American Football game.

There's a reason why, if you ask anyone knowledgeable about football, who on the English National Team is 'World Class', that most all of them will include Steven Gerrard. Stevie G made the Blades look like a Sunday club side, quite frankly, having them resort to cheating tactics which, thankfully, they were called on. Not that it mattered much, as it didn't seem as if any other outcome would result than what did.

I was pleasantly surprised by the play of Dudek. He made a couple of outstanding saves and seemed quite confident and competent in the net. I guess he felt he sort of owed us after the Arsenal Cup fiascos. Mascherano played well too, it's going to be quite scary for our opponents if he and Momo ever take the field together. Hyypia scored a Lampard and though he started out a little rough, seemed to pull it together as the game wore on. No one in particular gave a bad effort though Pennant didn't seem himself and Gonzo was... well, Gonzo, he could have probably scored a couple of spectacular goals but just couldn't get the finishes right. Overall, it was a solid, near-dominating performance with little to complain about. I just hope I can say the same after next week's match.

Here are the highlights:

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