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Liverpool - Sheffield United: First Half thoughts

- Hyypia looks out of sync and is attempting the long ball pass more than I would like. He did have one nice pass to Gonzo though, which the Chilean failed to convert.

- The Blades are playing just as physical as I thought they would and are paying for it. How the kick to Crouch's head wasn't at least a yellow (if not a red), I'll never know. Crouch beat his man and had a good chance at the goal, there's no way the defender (name eludes me, sorry) didn't realize what was going on. A vicious play, none the less.

- The first penalty was called against Kozluk, who was covering Gerrard? Whatever, I guess a kick in the head warrants nothing.

- Fowler easily converted both penalties, the second awarded to Gerrard for a rear take down by Montgomery. Cry all you want Blades, you play dirty.

- The refereeing has been really inconsistent. At one point, Tonge took a dive, right in front of the Ref, on a challenge by Mascherano, and was awarded a free kick. Total crap.

- Overall, we've played okay, probably could have added a couple of more goals, and on the other side of the pitch, Dudek hasn't had to do much, which is a good thing.

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