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Is Steve Finnan the most underrated player in the world?

I know it might be a far stretch to say the world, but he's easily the most underrated player in the Premiership. Case in point, Actim Stats has him as the highest rated defender in the league, yet he has not once been voted top three of a match by the fans at I guess that could mean we take him for granted more than anything else, but his quiet, all-business demeanor rarely makes him stand out. He comes to work, does his job, and is on his merry way.

Here's his assist to Peter Crouch in their Champion's League match with Galatasaray:

His assist to Dirk Kuyt earlier this year:

His cross to Bellamy on Wednesday's match at Camp Nou:

And here's his '100 Players That Shook The Kop' video, where he came in at #55. It's a rather odd video since it mainly just shows his misses, but at the end it shows his only goal while in a Liverpool kit where he makes a class move to fake out a defender:

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