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Arbeloa to make debut, Bellamy starts

Interesting lineup. I thought Rafa might play a little on the defensive side and he did, starting five defenders, one in the midfield, probably Finnan or Riise. No Crouch? I'm not the biggest Crouch fan in the world, but with his European success this year, I find it kind of odd that he's not starting.

I'll be interested to see where the midfielders play as well. If Finnan starts in midfield, does that mean Xabi on the left? If Riise starts there, it's more than likely Gerrard on the right. That's the most likely scenario. Gerrard wouldn't be starting in the middle-forward position, would he? Would love to see that.

On the other side of the ball, Eto'o will not be playing at all while Messi is starting along with Saviola. Thuram, along with Iniesta, Giuly, and Gudjohnsen, is on the bench.

Anyhow, I'm watching this match taped delay so I won't be posting a halftime report. I hope this match is exciting as it could be.