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Robbie Fowler to join New England Revolution?

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There are rumors abound that God is coming to America. Well, it's about time. I personally would love to see Fowler play in the MLS, and it would give me a team to cheer for here. Well, I sort of half-assed go for New York Red Bull but only because I like Bruce Arena and I think it's a shame how he was dragged through the mud after Team USA's unimpressive exit out of the World Cup. Will this happen though? Well, Steve Nicol is a Liverpool man and the head of the Revolution. Robbie is pretty much done at Liverpool after this season. I'm sure he could find a club elsewhere to play for, but I doubt he'll be the 'face' of the club. We know he doesn't need money but, is he willing to cross the pond? The more I think about it, the more I doubt it.

On that same BBC Gossip page, it says that Benitez is after Trezeguet among others. Um, I sort of doubt that as well. Not that Trezeguet is not a good player, but come on, he's basically a poor man's Van Nistelrooy, the greatest goal poacher known to man.

Finally, I was thinking more about Rafa's line-up today. It wouldn't surprise me if the middle was Zenden-Xabi-Sissoko-Mascherano, the back had Riise-Carra-Arbeloa-Finnan with Crouch and Kuyt up front. That's right, Gerrard on the bench, along with Bellamy, Hyypia, Pennant, and Dudek. Would that surprise anyone?