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The kids are all right

Our defending champion youth team advanced to the semifinals of the FA Cup with a convincing comeback defeat of Sheffield United, 3-1. New signee and the latest LFC player that seems to have both the ladies and the men drooling (for mostly different reasons), is Patrick Berger look-a-like, Astrit Adjarevic. The 16-year-old Swede set up the go-ahead goal on a pass in the box to Ray Putterill and then found Stephen Darby's noggin' on a cornerkick to put it out of reach. It was his first start and only his second match for the club. They will play at Newcastle for the first leg of the next round on a yet to be determined date.

Since highlights from this match are only available to members of the official site, here are highlights from the previous match with Reading where Astrit comes on as a sub. I was pretty impressed with our side's passing, but I found it a bit disconcerting that our boys try to emulate Stevie G a bit much with the shots from outside of the box.

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