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Barca build-up & other news tidbits

Xabi thinks Xavi is the man to stop for Liverpool success. I sort of think Deco is more of a threat. Oh yeah, and then there's that Ronaldinho guy, but apparently new boy Arbeloa is "the Ronaldinho stopper." I'm not sure if it's really wise to give one of the better players in the world extra incentive to play his ass off.

Many questions regarding who'll be available to play for each side have yet to be answered. Will Eto'o play? Messi probably will. Will Harry Kewell be available?

Speaking of Kewell, it appears he wants to play for his country in the Asia Cup in July. Hmmm... Honestly, I don't think King Harry should ever play international football again, he's just too injury prone. If his country loves him so much, they can pay his salary. And can someone please tell me why Tottenham wants him? Do their trainers need more practice or something?

Gerrard and Carragher have been selected along with David Beckham to play in a charity match against Man U at Old Trafford on March 13. Hopefully they'll have 'old man rules' like no slide tackling. It's bad enough I have to put up with Carra and Stevie G wasting their time, energy, effort, and risking injury for England.

According to FIFA rules, Xabi and Luis Garcia have contract buy-out options at the end of this season. I'm sure Real Madrid is licking their chops for Alonso, but is their really any chance in hell that he'll leave? As for Garcia, he was just pleading with fans this season to not get down on him for being turnover prone, if he planned on leaving, would he bother?

Finally, with all the (allegedly) new transfer money coming in this summer, why not let the rumours begin. Who's first? Why it's David Villa!! What a shock.

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