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Liverpool vs. Newcastle - First half observations

Well, it was exciting. We seem to have had a lot of scoring opportunities, especially Bellamy, who was set up on numerous occasions by Pennant and once by Sissoko on a brilliant pass into the box. The goals on both sides can be attested to goalkeeper blunders, Newcastle's more than Liverpool's. I don't know what the hell Reina was thinking, his risky style finally costs us a goal, and the way things are going, probably three points. So far our best player has been Pennant with Momo following. We need to get JP the ball more, he is such a threat. Sure he turns it over a few times, but not as much as Gonzo or Luisy does. Zenden has been atrocious, how the hell he evens gets on the pitch amazes me. That may be a little harsh, but come on, he makes bad decision after bad decision, I don't blame Bellamy for setting himself up outside the box instead laying off to a blazing Bolo, he probably has little confidence in him as well. Gerrard has made a few good plays, but for the most part he's been off his game. Maybe his 'niggling' injury is bothering him more than anyone suspects. Our defense, overall, has been solid, they've rarely gotten any opportunities in the box. Where the hell has Kuyt been? He's been a ghost it seems. I hope Guthrie comes on early in the second for Zenden. If we score here early, I suspect Arbeloa will come in for Gerrard, so we can play 'small club' football. With about five minutes left in the half, it looked as if everyone was tired, us more than them.

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