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If Capello is appointed as the next England manager, what will it mean to Liverpool?

Well, for one, I believe that the Liverpool captain will become the England captain. Steven Gerrard should always have been the England captain over John Terry. I, like most of the rest of the world, had no idea why John Terry was appointed captain by second-choice Steve. Gerrard has experience of winning at the highest level (Champions League), playing against the best players (Kaka etc) and of leading a side in the sort of winner-takes-all situations that international football is all about.

Looking at Capello, I doubt he would like the sort of loutish chavish behaviour that Terry is capable of from his captain. Would you rather take the quiet professional who eschews the delights of even a simple hamburger or someone who gets drunk, shouts at Americans after a global tragedy and attacks nightclub bouncers?

Yes, Gerrard for captain.

Second thing is that Carragher will be back on international duty. Again, not only is Carra the sort of player that Capello admires and has played in the past. If someone with the medals and trophies that Capello has comes calling, it'll be very hard to say no. Anyone selected for the England squad will definitely learn something from their time away from their club so it won't be time wasted with a third class manager, as it was with the grinning idiot that preceded him. Capello has always been known to pick his teams on a combination of form and what's best for the team so Carra will get what he's always wanted - a fair crack at the national team.

What are your thoughts on how Capello will affect the careers of Peter Crouch, Jermaine Pennant or any of the English youngsters coming through for Liverpool?

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