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Rumourmongering: the source of the Rafa-Hicks-Gillette spat

Just read a great bit of rumourmongering about the Rafa spat.

My source alleges that the real root of the disagreement is more than simple transatlantic miscommunication but is actually gross negligence by a Liverpool FC chief exec, Rick Parry.

Apparently Mr Parry was instituted as the main point of contact for Rafa to go to for transfer business and that after setting the ball in motion, he would escalate the transfer up the chain to Hicks/Gillette who would approve a max transfer fee and compensation.

The story continues that Rafa did exactly this for the transfers in question but that Parry forgot to pass on his request up the chain. Understandably peeved, Rafa called Hicks and was told that Parry was dealing with it and that he should "concentrate on training and preparing the team" - a jibe that caused the infamous press conference, and that caused Benitez to abandon his usual suit and tie for tracksuit in said press conference.

Allegedly, Rafa also handed in his resignation following the Newcastle win. Thankfully, Parry realised, and confessed to, his mistake which diffused the situation. Hicks and Gillette are, again allegedly, mightily pissed off about the way the whole situation developed and are angry at Rafa for the way he handled it, but accept that it was Parry's doing.

If this is true, and I'd like to stress one more time that I have no proof for any of these allegations, then I'd suspect we'd see Hicks's son installed as chief exec/GM/evp footballing operations sooner rather than later.

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