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Liverpool: One win away from the Champions League last 16

Phew, that was close!

In many ways, tonight's game was very similar to how I believe our season will go.

We start well (Torres 1-0) but go through a tough spell (concede to Lisandro) before weathering a storm, building pressure and momentum before coming on strong and winning "going away" with goals from Torres, Gerrard and Crouch.

An observation: once we get that all-important second goal at home, it looks as if we're irrepressible. We've won 8-0, 6-0 and now 4-1 and in all those games, the second goal was the turning point when the flood gates open. Clearly teams can push themselves to the limits against us, while they have a chance, but when the writing is on the wall, their heads go down and our new-found attacking prowess gives us the firepower to put opppositions away.

I'm at work as I write this but it sounded as if Torres's second goal was an absolute belter. Great to know that Harry Kewell is playing well and that Babel is finding his feet after a tricky start. I'll grant you, we had a very nervy spell and could have gone 1-2 down, but we rode our luck and once Porto tired, we won in a canter.

A win in Marseille will see us through to the next round and with 12 goals in two Champions Leagues games, I wouldn't want to bet against us; even if Marseille only need a draw to go through themselves.

It really feels as if we've got some positive momentum and that confidence is coursing through the team so I'm not as apprehensive about Bolton's Sunday visit as I have been in previous seasons. Bring it on!

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