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Liverpool Blackburn thoughts

Danny over at the Blackburn blog stopped by to ask me some questions on tomorrow's game. My answers below:

What do you think of your start to the season?
I think that Liverpool have flattered to deceive so far this season. With the promised investment from Hicks and Gillette, and the Torres transfer, I think a lot of people, myself included, had high hopes for the season. After beating Villa, being robbed by Chelsea and thumping Derby there was a feeling that we were on a roll and building some early momentum for the first time in a while. The international break and key injuries really knocked the wind out of our sails and has left us scrambling for form. However, with a quarter of the season gone we're unbeaten in the league and not trailing by as much as previous seasons - which bodes well for us and our traditionally strong end to the season.

A lot of Liverpool fans have been criticising Benitez's rotation system, is this fair?
I think people have been frustrated because players being rotated in haven't performed as expected. We've got a strong, deep squad and should be able to cope with a little bit of rotation. It feels like the media has really glommed onto this though and puts it forward as a reason for poor results when really the players have to take their opportunities to perform. I'm more concerned about assistant coach Paco Ayesteran's departure as the run of bad results seems to have coincided with his resignation.

Do you think Liverpool are capable of winning the Premier League?
We're only six points back of first place with 30-odd games to be played. Anything is possible and I still don't think we've seen the best of this team. My heart says yes, but my head is very worried by the lack of form so far - even if there have been some battling results in the last couple of games.

Who should Rovers be most wary of on Saturday?
We do have a pretty good player in midfield called Steven Gerrard. He's coming back to form after a broken toe and, even though he played the full 90 on Wednesday against Cardiff, I reckon you'll see him start again tomorrow. Mascherano is having a good season so far and, if he can add an attacking element to his game could be our player of the season. I'd expect Crouch to start up front and give your centre-backs a torrid time on the deck while Yossi Benayoun was brought in to score in games like this.

Who do you most fear in the Rovers team?
I've got David Bently and Santa Cruz in my fantasy team...apart from those guys, Benni McCarthey is a real danger man and I always dread facing ex-players like Brad Friedel and Stephen Warnock as they always seem to have blinders against us.

With Rovers having won 7 games in a row are you worried about this game?
Rovers are a very good side this year. You've added some finesse and guile to a team that was regarded as a bunch of cloggers and i expect you to be in the hunt for a champions league spot this year. Your midfield has a lot of class with Gamst and Tugay (even if his legs seem to be going a bit) and you'll trouble a lot of teams, us included.

Score prediction?
It'll be very close and if there's a winner, it'll only be by one goal. It could be a great open game with two classy midfields but I'd expect more of a war of attrition with some bitty fouls and lots of cards being shown. My main regret is that the two gobbiest gob-shites in the English game Bellamy and Savage aren't squaring off against each other!

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