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Marseille tonight...

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So what's going to happen?

Personally, I'd like to see Torres rested for this one. Tottenham will be a big match, even if they're not playing well we're going to need to play well to win it so I'd prefer him to start that one over this one which should, fingers crossed, be a little more straightforward.

Let's face it, Marseille haven't won away from home in the CL since 1999 so anything other than three points will be points dropped.

Pennant is suspended and, perversely, I think this will be a good thing for him. It's early in the season but he's still played a fair whack of minutes - a rest would definitely do him some good. Plus, with Yossi ripping up trees, it's not like he'll be missed.

I'd like to see Hobbs given a run out at centre-back, but I can't see that happening if Cisse is fit - we'll need more experience and better positioning if we're to keep what's becoming a customary clean sheet. Penalties not withstanding.

My team would look like:


Aurelio - to give us some added attacking options on the left

Stevie G
Mascherano (with Lucas coming on once the game is secure)


We'll see how it goes in a few hours!