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The Anfield Six (aside team)

Reading the official site's interview with Javier Mascherano from a month or so back and, especially, the reoccuring question of who would be in each player's five-aside team. Now, here in Toronto (at the TCSSC) we play six-aside so if I ever become a professional footballer employed by Liverpool Football Club, my answer would look like this:

"Wow, what a question. There are obviously some amazing players here and ideally I'd like to have a 22 aside time. Hehehe. But if I could only have six then I'd have to stick Pepe in goal - especially considering the penalties our coaching staff give on a Tuesday morning. I'd want two at the back so Daniel Agger would be there to start the attacks and for a bit of mobility. Partnering him would be John-Arne just to strike the fear of G-d into the other keeper. In midfield would be Stevie and Ryan Babel - Stevie would give us steal and pace while Babel can do some amazing things with the ball. He's perfect for six-a-side, as is Jermaine Pennant - but he's too selfish. Upfront has to be Torres - he's a class apart from the other strikers."

A little different from the Monster Masch's which looked like:

Stevie Gerrard
Dirk Kuyt

What would your five/six aside team look like?

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