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I promise you I will call you Cudicini

Dudek, oops

The Liverpool team Web site has revealed Rafa Benitez promised Jerzy Dudek – at the start of the season – that the Polish keeper would start all the FA Cup and Carling Cup matches this season. What an honorable thing to do, Rafa, stealing a page from Mourinho's playbook and starting the number two keeper in the matches you don't really care about.

It's not even that Dudek did too much wrong against Arsenal. After all, he only failed to stop the best three shots Arsenal took, that's all. No big whoop ...

... Anyway, Jerzy's domestic cup run in 06-07 could meet an inglorious end Tuesday as Arsenal return to Anfield for the postponed Carling Cup fixture. Dammit all, Jerzy we owe you everything for Istanbul, so I'll let it go. Just sucks right now, that's all. Let me cool off a little bit, you big lug.

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