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FA CUP 3rd round recap: As I was saying, these Barcelona guys are something else ...

Personal developments kept me from making my promised Chicago road trip, and thank the sweet Lord Jesus I didn't have to endure that drive home with my drunken, Arsenal-lovin' friend who would have made it an absolute nightmare.

Unfortunately for me, Time Warner offered the match on PPV for $16. I thought I'd lucked into the best possible option. What a disaster. A couple friends came over to watch the match and at half time, we dubbed the man with the first-half brace "Rosickydinho." Kuyt tricked me into thinking Liverpool would manage a draw and get a replay, but Henry killed that thought.

And Arsenal didn't even have Fabregas in midfield. It's tough losing to the likes of Arsenal when you're a Liverpool fan in Milwaukee. The only worthwhile pub showing matches here is called Highbury, it's loaded with Arsenal supporters every weekend (not a surprise, 'natch) and some of the best people I've met through there are true Gooners. Wow, that escalated quickly. Not a great Saturday.

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