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Come on down Mascherano, you ol' team wrecker!

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You know how sometimes you get excited for no reason? A feeling overcomes you and, if pressed, you would not be able to explain the smile on your face no matter how hard you tried. I kind of have that going on right now with the news that Javier Mascherano appears headed for Liverpool on a loan with an option to buy in the summer.

Bolo Zenden and Momo Sissoko are hurt, so apparently Rafa is eyeing one-half of the biggest weird failed experiment in recent English footy history as cover for Gerrard and Alonso in midfield. I'm convinced this is going to work. There is no evidence to suggest it will, and in fact, the sight of Alan Pardew in a Charlton Athletic track suit is actually evidence that perhaps this Mascherano thing could bring on some kind of unforeseen disaster that no Liverpool fan would ever anticipate.

But, still, the guy played in every game for Argentina in the World Cup this summer, and it wasn't the players' fault they bowed out (to some extent). Pekerman puckered up at the end and deprived his team of a chance to finish off the Germans. Anyway, whatever, Mascherano is a super talent. Rafa can make it work. Why? I have no idea.