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DIC out of takeover bid; now if no Gillett purchase, then what?

If you can follow my bizarre (and probably flawed) logic, maybe the silver lining in DIC withdrawing its takeover attempt means Liverpool still has a shot at winning the league? This Dubai purchase was supposedly a slam dunk. Everything seemed to be set in stone.

Now, it looks like all the assumed knowledge is out the window.

Admittedly, I didn't at first like the possibility of what a Dubai-based ownership group swimming in billions could mean. Success like Chelsea's isn't worth the price paid. But Liverpool as presently constituted cannot succeed in the long term. The new stadium must be built. Funds must be injected in Rafa's transfer accounts to bring in at least one, maybe two, big-time player the quality of Gerrard or Alonso - at different positions, of course.

Have Liverpool's shareholders emulated Arsenal's at times maddening passing? In the search for too fine and perfect a result, the chance to score has been lost?

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