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It's 'Carra Week'!! First up: Carra meets 'Bascombe Watch'

Chris Bascombe

As I've said previously, Chris Bascombe was the most unintentionally hilarious and most seriously entertaining and informative part of 100 Players Who Shook The Kop when it aired on the team's official Web site. Well, The Liverpool Offside's favorite central defender and Liverpool Echo writer collide in this column kicking off 'Carra Week' at

Bask in all things Carragher, friends. Smell the humble, hard-working determination of Bootle. And, above all, treasure the commitment to the Kop, Liverpool Football Club and an acceptance of serious work as a path to success. The sumbitch's leg was knackered beyond use in Istanbul but he fought off Milan's charge at the end, ensuring Dudek would have his chance to save from Shevchenko ...

... then we took our trophy home