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Carragher returns us to sanity as we celebrate him

In honor of 'Carra Week' over at the official Liverpool Web site, I turn to the resident team comedian and, apparently, only level-headed man wandering down Anfield Road in the wake of the clinic put on against Chelsea on Saturday that was followed by Man U dropping 3 points to Arsenal. With renewed title hopes being encouraged in the English papers, here's Carra with a little something Liverpool fans should keep in mind:

"It’s nice that some people are talking about us as well now, but sometimes it’s better when you can just quietly go on a run like we have. Everyone was asking whether Arsenal beating Manchester United was good for us, but for me we’ve still got to think it’s Arsenal and Chelsea we’re closest to and think we’re in a battle for second at the moment."

As an aside, I'm all for celebrating Carragher's 10th anniversary this week with Liverpool, but the team might be overdoing it a bit. Here's an excerpt from the release announcing 'Carra Week':

"A blue-blooded Evertonian he may have been when growing up in the Marsh Lane area of Bootle but cut Carragher in half today and he'll bleed nothing but Liverpool red."

Well, that'd be great and all that he would bleed Liverpool red if he was cut in half, but good gawd, the imagery in that sentence. I understand rivalries are often taken with a borderline psychotic seriousness in football, but I don't think Mrs. Carragher, any little Carraghers running around or even one Kopite would consider such an extreme test of loyalty to be worth it.

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