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Added Liverpool bonus, has Jermaine Pennant turned the corner?


Jermaine Pennant has every right to be looking up this week. Along with the rest of the Liverpool side that handled Chelsea 2-0 on Saturday, Pennant is crowing about his performance and pointing to it as proof that he is ready for even better things at Anfield. Well, as this video clearly shows he's earned a bit of chest-puffing in the aftermath of the win over Chelsea (the final, slow-motion replay is especially sweet).

Still, though I can't be bothered to check, I'm sure even Djimi Traore had a performance sometime during his Liverpool tenure that left him boasting to the papers afterward that he had "turned the corner" and had "become settled" and all that. I'm skeptical so far about Pennant. I've seen too many matches this season where his entire contribution consisted of drifting crosses from the right directly onto the head of the first defender.

After Chelsea, though, I'm willing to toast Jermaine and keep my fingers crossed for a little while longer.

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