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Of Liverpool's 16 remaining matches in league ...

... four of them are at Anfield against Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea and Man U. Those are the four toughest left on the slate and they're all at home. In this battle to ensure a top four spot, that's not a bad spot for LFC to find themselves.

After thinking about it a bit, the Blackburn match on Boxing Day was just a bit of unfortunate luck. Friedel was incredible in goal and - regrettably - Crouchy got a little wasteful with his chances. He should just scissors kick all crosses from now on.

Not to downplay what's happening next in the league or FA Cup (Would love to see the Arsenal drop two straight at Anfield during the next eight days), but I'm pointing toward Barcelona in the Champions League. I can't wait for it. GOL TV had a Barcelona vs. Real Madrid mini-marathon on during the afternoon and evening of New Year's Eve and some friends and I watched a couple matches during our preparations for the night's festivities. Samuel Eto'o is hell on whells, man. That guy is just a force. I don't think there's a better striker, anywhere on any day. He's probably going to be healthy and ready to go by Feb. 21, and I'm anxious to see Liverpool get some momentum, hopefully stay healthy and just go at it as best they can against the reigning holders.

Happy New Year, kids. It's going to be one of huge change for Liverpool but also one that holds a tremendous amount of promise and potential for growth. Let's make it a great one.

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