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Bell bottoms, parachute pants, Liverpool's European away shirt


As you can see from this image, football shirts are no different from any other sport in matching the styles of their time. I think of some of these older monstrosities every time I see Liverpool's European away shirt, which the players were forced to wear Saturday as Watford's home uniform is a yellow top with red shorts. Deprived of their native color and chosen road alternate for this season, Rafa's boys went out there with that odd, green wave cascading off their right shoulders, moving in and out along the mid-section and then looping out toward the crotch (Crouch) at the end there.

It's a weird look. Oh, it seems just fine in 2006. Hell, I still might buy one. I mean, why not? It's a Liverpool shirt. Still, how's that thing going to look in 2015? A good, unwavering Scouse friend of mine has a philosophy about Liverpool shirts, and, honestly, who am I to question his credentials. He maintains Liverpool fans mostly wear either the style of shirt the team is currently using, or they go for something that is at least 10 years old. He argues there's no in-between in the choices. It's modern day or from 10-plus years ago. He's got some shirts that will take your eye out from 50 feet away on a sunny day. I got a feeling the current European away shirt will have the same effect after some time.

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