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Sheikh Ali Akbar Eto'o

First off, if anyone's paying attention, I'm sure it seems awfully odd I've mentioned not one word about the DIC takeover of Liverpool Football Club. That's because I just haven't quite wrapped my head around this whole thing just yet. There's so much to consider. A new stadium in Stanley Park is assured, as is a massive transfer budget, but on the flip side, there's decidedly "foreign" ownership mixing with The Most Successful Team in English History™ and - this really gives me an unexplained case of the heebie jeebies - Maktoum's bank accounts actually tower over those of Abramovich(!!!).

I'm waiting for it all to play out a bit more. I just can't quite make up my mind. Meanwhile, there's Europe to consider, and that 1 in 8 chance that Liverpool will end up winning its group only to be rewarded with a home-and-home knockout set of ties against Barcelona.

Hey, to use my local slang, I got nuthin' against Barcelona. Messi, Eto'o, Ronaldinho. Fun as hell to watch, just don't want to play 'em when there's something serious on the line - at least not until the final. There's two whole months for Messi and Eto'o to get healthy. Even without them, Deco, Giuly, Saviola, Ronaldinho? No thanks.

I know Xabi Alonso came out and said LFC fears no one and would welcome any draw, but come on. Who is he kidding? As a Liverpool fan, is there anyone out there that would prefer a round of 16 matchup against Barcelona over Lille or Celtic? I'd actually really get a kick out of playing Celtic. That'd be a blast. I remember the UEFA Cup a few years back when, in Glasgow, the Celtic fans joined the traveling Kop-ites in singing "You'll Never Walk Alone." That'd be nice to see again.

A few years back, there was Barca in the UEFA Cup, too. Don't want to see that again. At least, not just yet.

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