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Is Craig Bellamy going to have to choke a b---h?

There's no one on Liverpool that provides more comic entertainment down at the pub than Craig Bellamy, who we have affectionately dubbed "The Rat" for reasons that probably make the most sense to a group of about six or seven guys who meet at a pub in Milwaukee at 6 a.m. to follow these kinds of things.

However, fresh off his assault charges being dropped, Bellamy's brilliant performance Saturday at Wigan earned "The Rat" a new nickname/comparison: Wayne Brady.

If you're somehow not familiar with Wayne Brady's historic turn a couple years back on Chapelle's Show, please click this link and pay attentiontion at the 2:27 mark to see what I'm talking about with Mr. Bellamy.

The two goals were class and exactly what Liverpool fans wanted to see from the start. Look, these Wayne Brady jokes about Bellamy are fairly cynical – after all, there was some kind of confrontation in that club; not everything legal is necessarily OK. Still, it's good to have him back, and who knows what kind of new friends he might be gaining on the team in the next couple months. More on that in a bit.

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