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Really? On account of fog?

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At work, I'm known as "the soccer guy," since it's a fairly small office and everyone knows everyone else's business, for the most part. One criticism some of the hard-headed types like to level against me is that "soccer" is a sport for sissies. It's never bugged me because I know better.

However, I hope my co-workers don't hear that the Liverpool/Arsenal Carling Cup tie at Anfield was called today on account of thick fog. An hour before the match and the referee figured it wasn't worth waiting. Anyway, Arsenal comes back Jan. 6 for the FA Cup, and Rafa, in his trademark dry humor, has the best take on what happens next:

"We have a problem now because if we draw against Arsenal in the FA Cup then when are we going to play this game? Maybe we can play for both Cups in one game!"

That would be hilarious. I think they should go with that. It would be a tie no one would ever forget. Screw the rules. Just go with Rafa's suggestion and everything will be just fine.