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Fight them to the death

The aftershocks from a hearty Festivus celebration Friday night kept me from getting up in time to see the Charlton match – not a proud admission, but true – so let's dig into Rafa's decision to field a mostly full-strength lineup against Arsenal tonight in the Carling Cup.

Hey, why not? It's always nice to win, and now's the time to dig into the Gunners while the getting seems mostly good. They're coming back to Anfield in a few weeks for the FA Cup, so there's no point in letting those young kids feel like they can pull one over on the Reds at home. Go right at them.

Besides, the Saturday match is at home against Watford, who aren't exactly going to run you down with away goals. Liverpool can afford to take the chance.

However, when Arsenal visits Anfield, I'm always reminded of this beauty of a strike right here. You have this option if you fancy a cultured opera backing track with your wonder goals, or, since you likely can't quite get enough of something that insanely great, try commentary from LFC announcers that leads to voice-losing, pandemonium and other similary great joy in downing the Arsenal.

Heh, heh. I always laugh a little when I see Antonio Nunez in highlights from a couple years ago. I also like it – a lot – when Liverpool beats Arsenal.

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