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Crouch a Geordie?! Wha'?!?!

I wanted to start with an outstretched hand of friendship toward Scotland in the Champions League, but this little nugget from that pillar of outstanding sports journalism, South Tyneside Today, almost knocked me over.

Apparently, Glenn Roeder fancies himself the leader of the proper home for The Nicest Man In All of Football™, Peter Crouch. Roeder is eyeballing Crouch for a move in the January transfer window. Do you have any idea what Crouchie would look like in vertical stripes?!

I'm sure this is just Roeder satisfying one of his more favored scribblers who needed something to "fill the space" for the next day, but please, Rafa, say it isn't so. Crouchie is almost a team mascot at this point. He doesn't play much, but when he's on, he's OK. I don't mind him. We all have our gripes with Peter Crouch, but keep him around a little while longer, if for no other reason than everyone seems to like him. That's good enough for me.

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