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Mano a mano with the Arsenal

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The official No. 1 scribe of this here Web site, Chris Bascombe, gets the nut of it right about Arsenal this weekend. Here's an excerpt:

"That said, Benitez will recognise it’s the trip to the Emirates, not the last four games, which will truly determine if his side has turned the corner into an open road or a cul-de-sac."

I had hoped to get more pre-Arsenal hype in so far this week, but work during a massive election week in the U.S. has kept me away from LFC stuff. However, we're ready for more e-season ticket audio commentary here in Milwaukee today as the Reds are away to Birmingham, and then, with the mid-term elections dispatched, I hope to bring more anti-Wenger, anti-Fabregas and anti-Arsenal venom into this here Internet space. Forgive me, Gunners fans, but it's entirely personal.