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What is it called when you have all the chronic flu symptoms except the nausea? Good lord ... every few hours one of the dogs comes over to the couch and flings a tail into my face to make sure I'm not dead. That food doesn't fall into their bowls itself, you know.

OK, feeling like the worst kind of scum and out three days of work, here's a reminder that I am indeed alive and pulling for another win tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be conscious and capable of watching the match.

Also, a little reminder about the big anniversary for Fergie. Congratulations, it's been a real treat rooting for your degradation and humiliation, even if it doesn't happen quite how I envision it:

"My greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their f****n' perch, and you can print that" - responding to Alan Hansen's suggestion that regaining the title in 2002-03 would be his greatest challenge.

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