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Best time ever to visit Anfield because ...

... you might get a chance to play!!!

In a freak series of incidents that make me wish this talented gentleman still received his paycheck from Liverpool Football Club, there's talk that today Rafa will be forced to deploy Sami Hyypia as a holding midfielder against Portsmouth.

Say, uh ... wha'?!

Bolo Zenden, Xabi Alonso, Momo Sissoko – stop me when I get to a healthy central midfielder. Oh, OK, Steven Gerrard. Now, when this situation comes up in FIFA 07, I resort to the patented 3-4-3 and throw out something like this:

Finnan, Carragher, Riise
Pennant, Gerrard, Paletta, Aurelio
Fowler, Crouch, Kuyt

It usually works really well in the video game, but even my limited football knowledge tells me Rafa will probably go in a different direction.

Still, if Sami goes down with a knock, I'm keeping my fingers crossed Rafa turns to the stands, picks out a healthy looking Kopite and throws a No. 99 kit on the man to finish the match. Gerrard could cover for him, right?

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