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Tearin' it up

So, I was thinking, if I got a dog, I'd probably name it Crouchy. Just a thought that passed through my head during my commute last night. Another thought was, do I really understand what it means to tear a hamstring?

After several years of immersing myself in the English game, I've come to figure out the language differences. pitch = field. knock = injury. supporters = fans. So far, I've been able to keep up, despite my ignorant American-ness.

However, these reports that Mark Gonzalez suffered a torn hamstring Wednesday against PSV have me scratching my head. Rafa said he might be out two to three weeks. I'm sorry, isn't it a TORN hamstring? The good people at the Montana Spine & Pain Center have all the hamstring injury general specifics available for perusal, and it doesn't sound like sitting on the couch for a couple of weeks fixes the problem.

I remember a "torn" hamstring has leveled many a football (americano) and baseball player for two months or more. What's Gonzalez's tear? Does he have some kind of special Chilean healing powder he mixes up in a glass of water that speeds the healing after drinking it?

I should have went to medical school - or become a plumber. One of those would have helped me here, I think.

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