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Self picked up? Check. Dusted off? Check. Winning again? Check.

Another great opportunity tonight to win again, feel better about the team and gather momentum for Nov. 12 away to Arsenal.

• Have you heard that Rafa Benitez has changed his lineup for 99 straight matches? What the hell?! Did you hear about this?! This fact has not escaped Dominic Fifield's exacting eyes over at The Guardian, although he deserves bonus points for recognizing the perpetual tackling engine of Momo Sissoko.

Injury doubts for Liverpool ahead of tonight's Champions League tie with Bordeaux at Anfield mean Rafa might have to ... oh man, that would be 100 straight different lineups! This is getting weird.

• And over at the excellent This Is Anfield some actual fan who attends matches at the grounds(!), Liam Randles, has the audacity to offer a considered opinion about the long-term view of Rafa's managment style. Of course, it's not posted by a journalist at a newspaper Web site, so it'll be overlooked amid the "That Makes 100!" headlines tomorrow. (And remember, I am by vocation, title and paycheck stub evidence, a Professional Journalist myself.)

My take on all this: (1) Sissoko is young, devastating and showing signs of true brilliance. He's an incredible signing made even better when it is remembered the only two serious English bidders were LFC and Everton. (2) 100 only sounds good. If Wilt Chamberlain had scored 99 points, would it have been any less impressive? Next topic. (3) Liam Randles is too sane and rational in suggesting Rafa Benitez's management style should be given time to work. He is a threat to the Daily Mirror and Anonymous Board Member No. 1 and must be shot, if for nothing more than the continued survival of excitable morons.

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