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Chris Bascombe

This man is Chris Bascombe, and he covers LFC for the Liverpool Echo. As it is attempted to explain here, the guy strikes me as an OK dude, to borrow a sloppy American colloquialism. His stuff I've read from the Echo seems pretty level-headed to boot.

Bascombe reported about the insane slagging of Rafa Benitez by a Liverpool board member and has discovered there's been an anonymous apology from said member. If I was anonymously slammed in news media that stretched worldwide, I'm not sure I'd find much comfort in receiving an anonymous apology. How could I be sure the slammer and the apologizer were one and the same? Sometimes I think too hard.

Anyway, I think Bascombe should get his own regular feature on the team Web site, but only if he appears in every video segment exactly as he did in "100 Players Who Shook The Kop," leaning to one side of his couch, clad in broken-in sweatshirt and talking rapidly with very little excitement about Anfield legends, news of the day, classic shirt designs and what-have-you.

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