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'You bring 'God' back into the team, and you're guaranteed a goal'

Fowler and Rafa

The words above belong to Steve Hunter, spoken shortly after the halftime whistle of Liverpool's 4-3 win over Reading on Wednesday in the League Cup. With no telecast in the U.S. of this match, I plopped the laptop on the kitchen table Wednesday afternoon as I prepared my dinner for work last night.

There's something about a sunny, fall day in Milwaukee, cooking a chicken-and-rice dish and hearing Steve Hunter and Phil Neal shout with joy at "God" putting one in the back of the net and then creating one for Riise just a couple minutes later. Wonderful stuff.

There were scary moments later, but a win is a win at this point, and Liverpool shouldn't start qualifying victories right now. I don't care if it's the League Cup or my Sands Hotel/Casino Las Vegas coffee cup. Win, advance, prepare for Villa. Great to see – uh, I mean, hear Fowler score again.

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