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'At least we're not them' and a tough guess against Rafa

As the wounds get licked a bit more each day from the Old Trafford Travesty, there's a slight bit of comfort in realizing Liverpool supporters aren't stuck cheering for this outfit.

Also, there's a League Cup match tonight at Anfield against a Reading side that something tells me won't have to experience the most full-throat Kop that's ever assembled. I hope I'm wrong.

But, that means it's time to 'Guess Rafa's Lineup!" To start things off, here's the BBC's guess for Liverpool's players tonight against Reading:

Reina, Peltier, Carragher, Agger, Palleta, Smith, Riise, Luis Garcia, Sissoko, Pennant, Guthrie, Fowler, Crouch, Kuyt, Warnock, Zenden, Martin, Finnan.

Before I list mine, here's cheers to Nate, writer of the Liverpool blog Oh You Beauty ... and winner of this site's first guess Rafa's lineup contest. Look for words from Nate here in the near future.

OK, after checking the reserve team promotions that Rafa announced, I'll say it look something like this:

Reina, Smith, Agger, Palleta, Warnock, Pennant, Sissoko, Zenden, Riise, Crouch, Fowler

Finally, a little Palleta to get me through the day. Loved the crunching tackles on display in the exhibition season. Didn't love the brain-fart miscues on display in the exhibition season.

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