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'Oh the humanity!'

This is how bad it got at the end of the loss to Man U: My friend, a Scouse expat living in Milwaukee, turned to me and said about Rafa, "He's got to go."

whoa. These are dark days, friends.

• If you're sick and demented, just ... aww, take your beating here, here or at this tidy summary here from the Manchester Evening News.

• Rafa Benitez fulfills his contractual obligation to remain positive.

The worst-ever incentive to buy the e-season ticket at

• And James Lawton at The Independent and Stuart James over at The Guardian duke it out to see who can most graciously apply a pleasing licking to Paul Scholes' bum.

This is brutal. Thank God I was raised Catholic so these feelings of shame and embarassment aren't so new they're overwhelming and will leave me crouching (no pun intended) under the covers for weeks on end. I mean, wow, this is bad.

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