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Can you 'Guess Rafa's Lineup?!'

OK, with Bordeaux sufficiently dispatched, it's on to Manchester to face "The Scum." I will be upfront in saying I stole this idea from the excellent This is Anfield site and an article written by Ian Bishop, who talks about Rafa's rotation policy but also mentions what I think could be a fun game.

Guess Rafa's Lineup!

Yes, when Rod Roddy called your name on The Price Is Right, you had a chance to play Plinko, win $25,000 and maybe, just maybe, win a NEW CAR!!

I have no such prizes to offer, but I propose anyone wishing to offer a guess, submit a comment with your starting 11 for Sunday at Old Trafford. Is this the week Rafa turns into a speed-demon and starts Pennant and Gonzalez on the wings? Do we see an insane Crouch-Bellamy-Kuyt trio upfront (not very likely)? Or, is a rather "safe" 4-5-1, with the still-unseen Paleta up front?!?!?! If that happened would you still be conscious to watch the match after hitting the floor?

Anyone getting all 11 correct has my undying gratitude and can post whatever they like to this site. Anyone getting 10 of the 11 right will earn the nickname "Paco" and my loyal respect. Nine right would still be pretty good, but, well, like I said, I got nothing really to give away that could be called a prize.

OK, on with it then.

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