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Not vintage, but it'll do

Peter Crouch-BordeuaxWell, I've seen better, but this one I actually didn't see as much as I would have liked to pass before my eyes. Not getting Setanta Sports at home, I had to trudge down to the pub and watch the match, while Chelsea and Barcelona duked it out on the bar's other big-screen TV. Despite my Reds allegiance, I'll admit it's hard to keep my eyes off Barca and the Blues playing in Europe when it's right there. Glancing back and forth between matches and being forced to leave for work in the 70th minute meant I only took in a rough approximation of the match.

What I did see, however, wasn't breathtaking, but Crouch took care of the hard bits and Liverpool moves closer to qualification for the round of 16 in the Champions League. Good enough. Job done. On to Old Trafford.

What I'm wondering more about was the lack of Carlsberg getting its money's worth on the shirt. I'm guessing it's because France has some kind of "No beer on the shirt" rule for matches played on its soil. What's the deal? Bordeaux is a little sensitive about competition for its renowned grape byproduct the region is so good at producing? Can anyone help with this?

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