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Reds geaux to Bordeaux

Yeah, really cheesy title to this post, but I can't help it right now.

I just watched – again – the "You'll Never Walk Alone" after beating Chelsea to go to Istanbul, and I can't decide what's better: the song, the image of John Terry crying or Riise's ridiculous, poorly done, dye-job blonde mohawk.

Anyway, big day today. Lotta posts. Please see here and also here for some more Bordeaux news.

I can't figure out this Bordeaux match. The great hope this season was to challenge for the Premiership, and the season's been disappointing so far. That Blackburn match was just brutal to watch. Plus, it's so obvious Gerrard is being saved for "The Scum" on Sunday that it's hard to get past the thought French wine country is beind de-emphasized in preparation for Old Trafford during the weekend.

It's weird what adding a fifth star to the shirt will do for priorities, no? Still, if both Sissoko and Kuyt come back today, there's not too much cause for alarm. Hopefully, the defense tightens and Alonso flashes "2005 in Turin" form to make sure nothing stupid happens.

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