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(A little bit) lost in translation

One of the great recent Liverpool heroes, Vladimir Smicer has been ruled out of today's Champions League match with Bordeaux. Straight from the Bordeaux Web site, comes this bit of news, translated courtesy of some site Google picked out for me:

"Ricardo, who will regret to do without the services of Vladimir Smicer knowing well the house but wounded, and which of course wishes the red alarm clock latest possible, is not easily deceived as for the situation of his adversaries."

Now, this paragraph was toward the end of really long write-up about today's match, and I didn't bother to translate the whole thing. Who knows? Maybe the first 10 paragraphs set up some elaborate joke about Smicer not really being hurt, thinking some lazy American in Milwaukee would fall into the trap, but I'm fairly certain the information is accurate. It's too bad Smicer won't be around, as his heroics in Istanbul deserve a "Thank You" round of applause from the traveling Liverpool supporters. Also, I would like to thank him for pulling off that 20-yard riser into the top corner he pulled off for me when I played as the Czech Republic last year in a FIFA 06 Playstation match against a friend of mine.

Well done, lad.

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