Champions League

Tuesday Champions League Open Thread

Juventus host Real Madrid in search of their first win of the group stages on Tuesday night in the Champions League.

Wednesday Champions League Open Thread

Action's already underway in Russia, with Manchester City visiting CSKA Moscow on a spray-painted pitch, but the rest of the day's matches get going shortly. Let's talk about them as though we're not jealous.

Tuesday Champions League Open Thread

Some fantastic matchups on tap in the Champions League today, most notably Borussia Dortmund's visit to the Emirates to face Arsenal.

A Continent Far, Far Away

Despite taking the blame for a few setbacks in the transfer window, a lack of European football this coming season could work in a number of ways for Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers.

Remembering Liverpool's Istanbul Champions

Eight years ago today Liverpool Football Club, led by their new manager Rafael Benitez, won the European Cup for the fifth time. As Bayern Munich and Dortmund prepare to contest tonight's game let's pause to recall the heroes of that night.

Liverpool Linked to Match Fixing Non-Story

In the end, excitement over a three-year-old story about accusations of match fixing involving one of Liverpool's opponents only serves to make the English media look bad. Same as it ever was, then.

Chelsea in the Knockout Rounds? What a novel idea...

The Champions League draw was held this morning, and in a shocking turn, Liverpool are matched up with Chelsea. It almost seems like they've played Chelsea in the knockout round 3 of the last 4...

Weekly Poll

Oh you beauty had a good writeup about who they'd like to see in the Champions League knockout phase. I'm in agreement with them, I'm hoping for Real Madrid. I bet Torres is too and who knows,...

CL: Atletico v. Liverpool LIVEBLOG

Okay kids this is where you'll find our science experiment. Match starts at 1:45 CST. I'll begin coverage shortly before then. Current Score ATL 1 - 1 LFC (Hey it's me, Nadia. Sorry if I'm a lil...

Champions League Action

I'm sure that by now you already know the result and maybe have read the live blog and have already seen the highlights posted, so there's not a whole lot left for me to do. steven.'s take on the...


Time to Man Up

I think the picture captures how I feel. I'm still in shock as to how we could give away a one goal lead in the final seconds of the match, but I guess that's just the funny game of football. C...

Could Have Been Worse

My Internet is still down, so I'm sneaking on the office computer. I probably won't be back up to running full speed until at least a week. Sorry for the lack of posting. We get the Gunners in...

The Wheel of Death

While slamming down bottles of Amber Bock and jamming to Paramore (love a chick that can rock), I began to contemplate the upcoming club schedule and Rafa's rotation policy which seems to be d...

Liverpool's Prospective Champions League Opponents

So the die has been cast, the names are "virtually" in the bag and Liverpool will face one of: Real Madrid AC Milan Barcelona Inter Milan Sevilla I'm with Torres - I'd like to see Liverpool play...

Liverpool: One win away from the Champions League last 16

Phew, that was close! In many ways, tonight's game was very similar to how I believe our season will go. We start well (Torres 1-0) but go through a tough spell (concede to Lisandro) before...

Besiktas blown away | Liverpool 8 - Besiktas 0

Just as it was wrong to get too worked up about a couple of bad games in a row, we can't get too excited after one good result - especially as Besiktas were so utterly and completely woeful. After...

Porto-Liverpool thoughts

This Ricardo Quaresma guy seems pretty tidy. Wonder how we'd be playing if Rafa had stumped up a few extras euros... The Official Club Web site's eSeason ticket is definitely worth the money. Go...

The six biggest surprises so far as the transfer window closes

6. Crouch wasn't sold Okay, so this isn't much of a surprise as Rafa has said again and again that Crouchy isn't going anywhere. I guess this is more wishful thinking and hoping on my part more...

What are your dream seedings for CL?

The draw is tomorrow and I'm hoping we get... From the second seeds: Lyon - We love the French and Lyon is injury-ridden at the moment If not, then: PSV Eindhoven - memories, all alone in the...

Liverpool 4, Toulouse 0

I'm not sure whether I should try to watch this match again, the final score almost says it all though it could have been worse for the French side. Toulouse sort of dug their own grave from the...

Liverpool 1, Toulouse 0: halftime thoughts

Wow, after the first leg, I don't think anyone could have predicted such an entertaining first half. It hasn't exactly been good football, but with both sides missing key players, that should be...

Liverpool vs Toulouse II: the line-up

Leto to start!!! Now I'm freakin' pumped for a match I was otherwise dreading. If Leto plays as well as he did in the preseason, this should be a hella fun match to watch. The kid has the ability...

Liverpool vs Toulouse II: What will Rafa do?

Apparently both teams will be missing their respective captains as well as other key players, but this being at Anfield and Liverpool being clearly the superior squad, the Reds should win this one...

Liverpool 1, Toulouse 0: Final thoughts

Well, I finally got to watch this match again and despite pausing it on multiple occasions due to tedium and letting my cloud like attention span float through the sky of the internets, I finally...

Liverpool 1, Toulouse 0

I didn't get to see the whole match, so I'm going to put myself to sleep watching it later tonight. It was dreadfully boring from what I saw with the only highlight being Voronin's nasty strike. ...

Liverpool vs Toulouse: the starting line-up

Reina Finnan Carragher Hyypia Arbeloa Benayoun Gerrard Mascherano Babel Voronin Crouch Subs: Itandje Agger Riise Torres Alonso Kuyt Sissoko Good to see Mascherano out there. The only surprise for...

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