Week in Comments: "I hear Saturn has a team full of ringers"

Laurence Griffiths

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Community Comments

Keep Calm: Rodgers is Not Selling Half the Team

Just got back from a meeting with Moreno’s agent, Ayre, and Jay Spearing.
Literally no idea why Wee Jay was there, but i didn’t take the time to ask him to leave.

Moreno said that he loves Liverpool, he was at Istanbul in 05, and that when he plays FIFA he always uses Liverpool except in FIFA 11 when Christian Poulsen was on the team because "fuck that guy." That was a direct quote.

So I’d say odds are pretty good we’ll keep on monitoring the situation. Ayre then took Moreno, Moreno’s agent, Wee Jay and myself (all of us on his Motorcycle) to White Hart Lane to meet with Spurs where Ayre, Wee Jay, and I watched Moreno agree to terms with Spurs.

We’re still monitoring the situation though, no worries.

— He_Drinks_Sangria, our new ITK

Rodgers Wants to Sign "One or Two" Top Players Before the World Cup

Lucasinho: Dani Parejo. Should we/do we want to be talking about him?

R2D_2: He’s only four letters away from Dani Pacheco. I’m interested.

Suarez Hoping to Keep the Squad Together

According to a metric that has been 100% foolproof since I invented it ten seconds ago,
Suarez using the word “I” 2 times compared to his use of the word “we” 9 times means he’s not going anywhere.

— nihil in moderato

Rumour Mongering: Inter Milan Interested in Move for Lucas

But how Inter-ested are they, really?
I don’t believe any rumors on the Inter-net anyway.

— Ignignokt

Five Liverpool Players Named to England Squad

Roy Hodgson is going to take parts from a bunch of high performance sports cars and contrive to build a wood-paneled Volvo station wagon.

— Roger the Shrubber

Sunday Open Thread: Starting to Wrap It Up Edition

Great great grandfather? maybe great great great grandfather – not exactly sure. thought we were scottish but he arrived in concepción, chile from his hometown of Liverpool!!!!!

so vindication, such righteousness.

— latortillablanca, discovering his roots

Liverpool Launch £20M Lallana Bid

You're missing the point
We have to know who to love more. Who’s going to be first favorite, and who will be only second favoritest players.

— usmc reds, on whether or not Lallana is better than Coutinho

Your Manager of the Year is... Brendan Rodgers

SakerlinaJosh: Liverpool will have to find another league to play in if they finish top of the table +4 next season.
Club World Cup?

Elizabeth:: I was thinking more like... Intergalactic Premier League

The Mexican't: I hear Saturn has a team full of ringers.

Liverpool Reportedly Lodge Bid for Bayer Leverkusen's Emre Can

Stalinesque: Is he capable to play and beat Everton or Tottenham in league games?

Ed: 1 v 11 or as part of a team?

Quicksloth: FIFA. Blindfolded. ...and Enrique is controlling the other team

Liverpool Again Linked With Bayern Munich Winger

My Scouting Report (Based Solely on Article Photo)
Hair: +
Looks decent in red jersey: ++
Ability to put on simple clothing items: Possible weakness – further scouting required

— saintgrobian

Gerrard "Devastated" to Come Up Short in Title Race

At the final whistle...

…all I wanted to do was give Stevie a hug. Not one of pity, or anything. But one of immense pride and gratitude for the way he led this team all season. Much (digital) ink will be spilt (and rightly so) on Suarez’s brilliance, Sturridge’s production, Rodgers’ tactical acumen and Hendo’s hair, but for me, the destruction of two albatross narratives by our lion-hearted skipper have been the most inspiring; Gerrard can be a vocal leader and can play in the center of the park as the deepest in the midfield.

It takes a certain amount of mental strength (Dr. Steve Peters KLAXON) and grit required to prove that the body of work submitted thus far does not mean that (to use a popular sportstalk maxim) “you are who you are.” Kudos to Stevie for finding the wherewithall to challenge perceptions, stray outside of his comfort zone and once more burnish his credentials among the greatest to ever play the game. Pirlo, he is not. But, shit, Pirlo’s no fuckin’ Gerrard either. YNWA.

— aj.joven.7

latortillablanca has strong feelings on Lucas. There was a Stephen Sama pun train.

Staff Comment

Liverpool Launch £20M Lallana Bid

Yep. Suarez is in his prime, and the supporting cast bar Gerrard are only going to get better. You either pay a premium (and willingly take a hit on resale) for players just entering their prime or you do what Arsenal has done for the past forever. Personally love that it looks like FSG are reacting to success this season with the kind of target that’s less concerned with resale and more concerned with making a real go of it next year and over the next five seasons. Obviously can’t go full City, but buying a top player just entering what should be his prime makes me all kinds of happy and hopeful.

— Noel

Gif of the Week

Next season's strutting pony if Liverpool sign Lallana. (via NC Nole)


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  • Welcome to delurker RedTillImDead. Apologies if I missed anyone!

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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